Ethics - the Meaning of Life

Every creature in the Universe has its own place and purpose. By doing what is the most characteristic for itself, a being gets its fullfillment and serves the Whole. Let's consider some examples.

The bacteria are the most efficient life form in deconstructing biological waste and making it useful again. Deconstructing dead corpses is good for bacteria and by doing it the bacteria are good for all nature.

What is special in the birds, then? They have wings. So it's their good to fly, and when flying they increase the beauty of the world.

Then, the cars, they are made of thin sheets of metal, which are just on the good height to get nicely kicked in. So, when kicked, the cars get their fullfillment and serve the greater good: they give us a way to express our feelings. Kicking the cars is good for them and it is good for us.

Now, we get to a more difficult problem. Let's consider ourselves. What is the purpose of a human being? What is the most characteristic property of the Man? What is the grat difference between a man and all the other beings? The chimpanzees can use tools, the dogs seem to have some kind of lingua...

But no other creature manufactures bicycles. So it seems that the meaning of our lives is to build bikes.

But why do we build bikes? When we look at a bike, we can easily notice that it has wheels, so it is apparently made for a ride. So riding a bike is good for the vehicle and it must be good for us and good for everything. For the sake of the Universe, RIDE YOUR BIKE.